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“How Can I Prevent Pests & Disease?
When working to prevent the possible injury or death of your beloved bonsai,
the best defense is a strong offense: be vigilant by keeping your bonsai
clean, dust and debris free and cleared of fallen leaves and flowers; be sure
sufficient lighting is supplied, as well as, good ventilation and lots of fresh air.
A healthy bonsai is without a doubt the most important preventative of pests
and disease.
How Can I Treat Pests & Disease?
Unfortunately, even the most observant bonsai enthusiast is likely to
encounter some type of pests or disease during their endeavors. It is
healthier for your bonsai to be treated for pests and diseases in incremental
steps of increasing toxicity. “
“The first thing to try to change is your bonsai's current environment. This
technique is the simplest and safest. Quite often a change of location can help
an ailing bonsai and if it does not, at the very least, you know that your
bonsai's problem is probably not environmental.
The second incremental step would be to try, if possible, to introduce
biological controls such as ladybugs. Ladybugs are of no danger to your
bonsai and they will eat nearly all pests that are. Of course, this technique is
limited to outdoor locations.
The third incremental step would be to use chemicals, also in levels of
increasing toxicity. To start, you can try spraying a very mild solution of warm
water and liquid dish soap on your trees. This technique is an excellent way
to prevent a wide variety of diseases and helps in discouraging many types of
pests. Multiple applications may be required to achieve and maintain a healthy
bonsai, but the rewards will far out-weigh the efforts.”
“The fourth incremental step would be to try using a mild insecticidal soap
such as the brand name:
Safer Insect Soap. This multi-purpose soap
derivative offers effective control over most pests. This type of insecticide is
one of the mildest and safest, for humans, animals and bonsai - something of
a vital importance, especially if you have children and pets.
The incremental step of ‘last resort’ would be to use an actual ‘chemical’
spray, such as:
Schultz's Insect Spray. It should be handled carefully and
used as per manufacturer's recommendations.
An Additional Note About Pests & Disease
When and if you find yourself staring at an unwanted visitor to your bonsai,
remain calm and then picked up the phone and call your local bonsai supplier
or a local bonsai enthusiast and ask for experienced advice. Your visitors will
leave sooner and your bonsai will live longer.”                      By Tom Regan
Copyright : 2009-2010 All Rights Reserved.
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--Article: From Knowledge of Bonsai
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