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Recommended Websites
Online Learning Source
  • American Bonsai Society
--Articles by ABS Members
--We aim to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for the art of Bonsai
together in a spirit of mutual friendship and support. To develop our skills
and knowledge and thereby continually improving our Bonsai and how they
are displayed. (pull-quote)
--WWW.Bonsai4Me.Com is a site devoted to the art and practice of Bonsai.
This site offers a wide range of articles written to instruct and enlighten both
the beginner and the more advanced enthusiast.(pull-quote)
--Bonsai Basics, Advanced Techniques, Species Guides, Articles
--Bonsai Bark is written mostly by Wayne Schoech, publisher, Stone Lantern
Publishing and former editor and publisher of Bonsai Today magazine. The
idea is to promote and expand the bonsai universe by offering pithy
commentary and occasional barking on its art, science and culture; with an
emphasis on how-to projects.(pull-quote)
--Our goal is to build a highly informative Bonsai web site and to give Bonsai
collectors a venue in which they can display their best trees. We are striving
to create the best possible collection of specimens to serve as a guide for
Bonsai artists and collectors. We are Bonsai enthusiasts. (pull-quote)
--Over a million free bonsai video downloads from our site. (pull-quote)
  • Bonsai Focus
--Web Magazine--Video
--Make your own its not as hard as you think. I will take you through a step
by step process that will help you create your own bonsai tree that will
improve with age and start you off on this fascinating hobby.(pull-quote)
--Explore cutting-edge bonsai information brought to you by a genuine
master of his Japanese garden. Experience trees as an art form.(pull-quote)
--This guide is aimed at beginners or those who are thinking of starting out
in the Art, Craft, Hobby or Obsession of Bonsai.
--What I hope the Primer will do, is to help you understand some of the
things you will need to know to help you, not just keep your trees alive, but
turn them into the work of living art we all want them to be. (pull-quote)
--A detailed guide to bonsai - as an art, hobby and horticultural practice.(pull-
--Bonsai Tonight is the blog alternative to the mainstream bonsai media.
Published Tuesdays and Fridays.(pull-quote)
  • Bonsai West
--Ask Dr. Bonsai (Exerpts)
--A Care and Maintenance Manual for the Beginning Bonsai Gardener
by Michael Levin and David Babik, 1993.(pull-quote)
  • Evergreen Gardenworks
--Bonsai Articles
--A series of in depth bonsai articles by Brent and others. Virtually everything
you ever wanted to know about bonsai. (pull-quote)
-- Plants and Animals>Agriculture and Horticulture>Horticulture>Bonsai
--With this bonsai blog I will keep you updated with my new bonsai projects
and other bonsai stuff.(pull-quote)
  • The Ginkgo Pages
--Ginkgo Bonsai
--The Ginkgo Pages are about the tree Ginkgo biloba and all its aspects. The
Ginkgo biloba tree can also be grown as a bonsai. --Styling, Pruning,
Repotting and more.(pull-quote)
  • Helpful Gardener
--Bonsai Tree Care
-- This site is devoted to the art of bonsai. Through pictures and written
material I hope to spread the appreciation of this art form.  The information
contained herein may vary with different growing conditions and with different
bonsai practitioners. Please use the information as a starting point for your
bonsai adventures.(pull-quote)
--Articles, Editorials, Galleries, News and Updates, Species Sheets, Forum
--Bonsai Information, Bonsai Types. Species Guides
  • Puget Sound Bonsai Association
--Bonsai Articles by PSBA Members
--Professional bonsai and suiseki from Peter Warren. Japanese bonsai
educated by well known bonsai master Kunio Kobayashi. If you are looking
for a new approach to Bonsai, which is both progressive and classical then
please enjoy this site. (pull-quote)
--This thorough and beautiful exploration of the art of small bonsai is for
experienced bonsai enthusiasts and daring beginners. If you already practice
Shohin, it will deepen your understanding. If you don’t now is the time to
unlock the secrets of small trees."(pull-quote)
--Walter Pall's main blog about bonsai and his work with trees FROM DAY TO
DAY. Lots of good pictures of good trees and lots of valuable information
about bonsai.(pull-quote)
--From Temple to Terrace: The Remarkable Journey of the Oldest Bonsai in

-- Discuss Bonsai with our friendly community that shares answers to
everything about bonsai. Formerly bonsaihelp forums, now google groups.
International Group of bonsai enthusiasts.  (pull-quote)
--Bonsai Forum
--The internet's garden & home community.This forum is meant for the
discussion of bonsai--how to care for them, recommendations for
appropriate selections, sources for plants, etc. (pull-quote)
--The usual rules of good manners apply. You must register if you want to
post, otherwise you can just enjoy reading the messages. Registered users
may post their own images.(pull-quote)
  • Knowledge of Bonsai
--KoB Forum

(formerly Bonsai Today(US) and Bonsai Europe)
--Bonsai Focus is the leading bonsai magazine in the western world.
--116 full colour pages of pure bonsai pleasure. Available as English, German,
French, Italian, Dutch and American edition.
--Featuring famous bonsai artists and reporting your local news. Specials for
subscribers. (pull-quote)
--6 issues annually
--Back issues
  • "Bonsai Today" Back Issues
  • "Bonsai Europe" Back Issues
  • "The Journal of Japanese Gardening" Subscription
--Bonsai, Japanese Gardens and Ikebana are our specialties.We stock many
general gardening books, including a lot on trees and plants as well as garden
design and water gardening. We also offer books on Japanese arts and
culture and other related subjects, like Japanese architecture, art and design.
--The first and only professional bonsai magazine published in the United
States since 1979.  While International BONSAI is easy reading for those new
to bonsai, even the most experience artist will find something new and
exciting in each copy. Issues contain step-by-step articles on how to create
your own bonsai, tips on how to start new specimens. (pull-quote)
--quarterly (4 issues annually)
--Published by the American Bonsai Society
--quarterly (4 issues annually)
--The Official Publication of Bonsai Clubs International
--6 issues annually
  • Knowledge of Bonsai
--A List of Bonsai Clubs Worldwide
--National Organizations, USA, Canada, Central & South America, Europe,
United Kingdom, Africa, Asia, Oceania.
  • American Bonsai Society
--A List of Bonsai Clubs in the USA
  • American Bonsai Society
--A List of Regional Bonsai Organizations in North America
--Global Directory of Bonsai Artists

--Founded in 1967, the American Bonsai Society, Inc. is the pioneering
national bonsai organization for North America, including Mexico, the United
States, and Canada. As a non-profit corporation, our purpose is to promote
knowledge of and interest in bonsai and to serve as a focal point for bonsai
learning in North America. We provide a variety of educational and support
services, as well as publishing a quarterly Bonsai Journal for the bonsai
community. (pull-quote)
--The American Shohin Bonsai Association (ASBA) is a non-profit educational
organization providing supportive services and activities to encourage and
promote the traditional art of Shohin bonsai throughout the country. ASBA
was formed in 2008 to meet the needs of individuals wanting to learn more
about Shohin in the United States.(pull-quote)
--Eristic Forum:The practice of disputation, Reviews:Reviews of books,
videos, and other media, Critiques:Artistic critiques of specific tree's, Profiles:
Interviews with Art of Bonsai members and other artists, Galleries:Galleries of
bonsai artists and members of Art of Bonsai, Technical tutorials:Tutorials on
the technical aspects of displaying bonsai on the internet.(pull-quote)
--Bay Island Bonsai is a Northern California organization founded in 1998 by
Boon Manakitivipart. The organization came into being out of Boon’s desire
to improve standards in bonsai, to produce a bonsai exhibit, and to establish
a group of dedicated bonsai artists who could work and learn together.
Alameda, CA. (pull-quote)
--A non-profit educational organization, advances the ancient and living art of
bonsai and related arts through the global sharing of knowledge. We educate
while promoting international friendship and solidify world relationships
through cooperation with individuals and organizations whose purpose is
consistent with ours.(pull-quote)
--at Willowbog Bonsai
--The first and only Shohin based society in the UK.
--The primary aim of the association acting as a non-profit making
organisation, has been to promote bonsai art and culture, stimulating its
members and teaching them all aspects of the art and science of bonsai.(pull-
--The Golden State Bonsai Federation (GSBF) is a tax-exempt, educational
organization which provides services and activities promoting the art of
bonsai throughout California. (pull-quote)
--The Greater Louisville Bonsai Society, founded in 1971, is one of the oldest
bonsai societies east of the Mississippi. The Society is a non-profit,
educational society of individuals interested in the art of miniature trees. (pull-
--Bonsai Theft is not a popular subject, and is not widely discussed, but like
many other societal problems is a reality. It is frustrating when your bonsai is
stolen, and it doesn't help not being able to do anything about it, nor to go
to a centralized location or web site to report the theft or look for help. To
assist with this issue, the American Bonsai Society has created a "Stolen
Bonsai Registry"(SBR) on our ABS website.(pull-quote)
--The PBSA holds regularly scheduled club meetings featuring
demonstrations and educational programs by national and international
bonsai artists. As a member of PSBA, you will have the opportunity to learn
from and work with some of the world's best bonsai artists and horticultural
specialists, and to develop and extensive network of friends, colleagues and
vendors that will enrich your interest in bonsai. Seattle, WA (pull-quote)
--We believe that an international exchange of ideas, by fostering friendship
and understanding, can only be for the common good.(pull-quote)
--The Yama Ki Bonsai Society was formed in 1973 by a group of individuals
with a mutual interest in bonsai. Its purpose was to foster a forum for
discussion and education on bonsai for people living in Westchester County,
NY and Fairfield County, CT.  (pull-quote)

--Comprehensive Collection of Links to Bonsai

--Boon has won numerous national and international awards for his work on
bonsai. He is known for his innovative techniques, unique bonsai styling and
creative teaching methods. His goal today is to share his bonsai expertise
and knowledge with other bonsai enthusiasts through his teachings. (pull-
--Group Workshops, Three-day Intensive Program, One-to-one Private work.
Alameda, CA
--The Bonsai Learning Center is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is an
excellent place to learn more about bonsai and to share with others the joys
and experiences which come with the practice of this ancient and exciting art
--The BonsaiSmiths offer a variety of workshops around the year which are
designed to help the beginner and the advanced hobbyist with their technical
skills and varietal specific needs. (pull-quote) Dallas, Texas.
--We're located on two acres of New England farmland, in Littleton, Mass,
right on Route 2A. Beginning Bonsai Class, Intro To Bonsai Class, Get Wired
Class, Introduction To Classical Japanese Styles Of Bonsai Class, Introduction
To Conifers Class, Introduction To Deciduous Trees Class, Introduction To
Tropical Bonsai Class. Extension School and Private lessons.(pull-quote)
--If you are doing bonsai and have the feeling that you are just not learning
anything new or getting better, my class will help you.  I want my students to
gain confidence and good bonsai techniques so they can eventually start
adding their own creative touches to individual trees (That is the best part of
bonsai!).San Jose, CA. (pull-quote)
--PFM Bonsai Studio offers private beginner, intermediate, and advanced
bonsai lessons that are scheduled at the convenience of the student and
teacher. Each set of lessons is composed of 3 two hour lessons at the
studio. West Charlton, NY. (pull-quote)
--Rosade Bonsai Studio is located just outside New Hope, Pennsylvania in the
rolling hills of historic Bucks County. After Bonsai study and training in Japan,
Chase Rosade started teaching Bonsai classes in 1964 and the Bonsai Studio
was established in 1970. (pull-quote)
--Located in Stamford, Connecticut, Shanti Bithi Nursery is one of the largest
growers and importers of Bonsai in the United States. Since 1978 we have
specialized in Bonsai and related plants, offering classes and sponsoring
expert lecturers.(pull-quote)

--The John Hanby Bonsai School goes from strength to strength, with
classes and workshops for everyone, from beginner’s classes and
workshops, to advanced classes.- near Wakefield, West Yorkshire,
conveniently located near to main routes including the M1, M62, A1.(pull-
--Following on from my many years as a Bonsai devotee, I established the
Mendip Bonsai Studio in 1996. The studio is now firmly planted as one of the
UK's leading educational services available for the Bonsai enthusiast, and my
teaching workshops cater for all levels of student, focusing on learning
Bonsai methods and techniques. Shepton Mallet, Somerset, UK.(pull-quote)

  • Bonsai Clubs International
--Public Bonsai Exhibits and Collections

  • Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University
--The Larz Anderson Bonsai Collection
--The bonsai collection is located between the Dana Greenhouses and the
Leventritt Shrub and Vine Garden. Arborway, Boston, MA. (pull-quote)
Brooklyn Botanic Garden--Steinhardt Conservatory: Bonsai Museum
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden
--Steinhardt Conservatory: Bonsai Museum
--BBG's bonsai collection is considered one of the finest in the world. It is the
second largest on public display outside Japan, featuring as many as 100
specimens at any given time. Some of the trees in the collection are well over
a century old. (pull-quote)
  • Chicago Botanic Garden
--Bonsai Cellection
--In 2000, the Chicago Botanic Garden unveiled a priceless gift to its bonsai
collection. Mr. Susumu Nakamura, internationally renowned bonsai master,
donated 19 of the most prized specimens from his personal collection to the
  • The United States National Arboretum
--National Bonsai & Penjing Museum
--The miniature masterpieces that we call bonsai and penjing are the pinnacle
of gardening skill, and the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum has one of the
largest collections of these timeless trees in North America.(pull-quote)

--On this website we present part of our collection of Gongshi, from China.
These stones are works of art, not made by an artist, but made by nature.
The amazing shapes and textures have been created during millions of years.
We have a total of about 800 stones in stock.(pull-quote)
--She started active interest in Bonsai in 1988 and suiseki in 1990. First
Italian on the Board of Directors of EBA (European Bonsai Association) was
treasurer for 4 years from 1991 to 1994. President of the organizing
committee of the first world congress in Italy, held in Saint Vincent, the 24th-
28th September 2008. For many years she has held lectures, courses and
demonstrations in Italy and abroad both for Clubs and important national
and international congresses.(pull-quote)
--"Suiseki is the art of attempting to represent natural phenomena, from
landscape to the grand universe, using a stone only a few inches to a foot
and a half in size. Suiseki revives, refreshes, and enriches the mind. I
recommend it highly."(pull-quote)
--New & News, My Galleries, Aesthetics & Evaluation, Suiseki Artists, Clubs &
--This page is supposed to show what Suiseki is to all people who are
--Viewing Stones and Suiseki for Sale.Natural Stone and Wood displays for
Bonsai, Penjing, Japanese Gardens and more. (pull-quote)
--Stones have been admired and collected by mankind since time immemorial.
And throughout history, cultures around the globe have developed unique
names, disciplines and guidelines for their particular art form. On,
we not only focus on the Japanese art of Suiseki, we also represent other
forms of stone appreciation - from various traditional forms, to the new and
emerging. (pull-quote)
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