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Bonsai will give us a lot of wonderful experience
It is a joy to display a beautiful Bonsai tree in the garden or in the room and
appreciate it.  In addition, it would be a more joyful experience to grow the
Bonsai to a shape with the depth of flavor according to your image.  It is a
joy that your Bonsai plant grows as you wish and rewards you as much as
you care it.  I think that such experiences with Bonsai tell us a lot.
Sometimes I even wonder if Bonsai would have a more valuable meaning to
us, not only that the shape is beautiful and pleasant.  The fulfillment that you
will feel at each moment with your Bonsai is the most personal experience
that only you can understand at each stage of your life.
For example, there are some Bonsai trees which have been grown for several
years, for several hundreds of years from generation to generation.  As a
Bonsai plant is alive, if it is not taken care of well, the shape of it will be
disordered without being noticed, and the flavor will be lost, and in the worst
cases, it will die down.  On the contrary, if it is taken care of well, it will
maintain in a marvelous beautiful shape even with slight changes for several
hundreds of years.  What did the people who have grown one Bonsai plant
from generation to generation think in each of their lives and how did they
I had once asked my grandfather who also grew Bonsai; how long did it take
for a Bonsai plant as small as his palm which he cared for, to grow?  The
answer was 10 years.  When I was surprised to hear that, my grandfather
gave me a curious look.  It seems that in one’s life with a Bonsai, a totally
different dimension of time flows, although our daily time exists. The
abundance that it brings to me fills my life with a certain feeling of
We are targeted at your more fruitful Bonsai experience.  This site explains
the technical knowledge to grow a Bonsai and the necessary knowledge to
better appreciate Bonsai trees.  You may simply appreciate the beautiful
shape of a Bonsai, or you may grow your own Bonsai to seek more joys and
a sense of fulfillment.  Reading this site enables a beginner, who is totally new
to Bonsai, to realize how to appreciate a Bonsai and the wonderful value, and
to become capable of growing his/her first Bonsai by him/herself.  Moreover,
when people who have already been growing Bonsai trees by him/herself read
this site, he/she will broaden the technique and their sense of him/herself.   
We mainly explains about the traditional shapes of Bonsai. Whether it is a
good Bonsai or not, is up to your own taste after all, so you may think it is
unnecessary to learn the traditional shapes.  However, learning the abundant
sense of beauty and a set of values which have been thought and created by
an unknown number of past people will broaden and polish your own sense
of beauty.  In addition, if you know the traditional shape of a Bonsai, you will
be able to feel the flavor more deeply and understand the sense of beauty in
appreciating Bonsai trees.  On the contrary, if you grow your Bonsai without
knowing its sense of beauty, and only by your own taste, your idea tends to
be narrow and monotone, and your Bonsais tend to be similar looks.  Please
look at good Bonsai trees as much as possible, and obtain more and more
knowledge to polish your taste to be abundant.
The required technical knowledge to grow a Bonsai which our site explains
is basic.  How to grow your Bonsai to be a marvelous one without making it
die down, will be taught by the Bonsai plant you grow by yourself all in all,
because that Bonsai was made only for you.
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