Why You Might Want To Get A Text Message Marketing

As a business owner communicating with your customers should be your top priority, and there are several ways of doing that. Communication is one of the most effective ways of marketing, and most business owners use social media and email marketing, but those are not as effective as SMS. Studies have shown that people open over 80% of text messages, which is a higher percentage than emails. This is one of the reasons why SMS marketing has increased in the recent past. There has also been an increase in the number of SMS marketing services, textedly.com being one of them.

Direct communication

Compared to other marketing methods like email, SMS is more direct. It’s impossible to tell when someone received and opens an email, but with a text message, the delivery is faster, and there has been proof that most people open a text within the first 5 minutes. This means that it is a more direct way of communicating with your customers, and since most people have phones with them at all times, you increase your chances of generating returns.

Better engagement

Communication isn’t just about sending your message across but also getting a response in return. Most people don’t open marketing emails, and most of those who open them will not respond. SMS increases your chances of getting a pleasant response even in the form of the customer purchasing your product.


Tracking your marketing campaigns is essential as it shows you whether you’re making progress or not. Many text messaging platforms like textedly.com make it easier for you to manage your marketing campaigns and track your performance to determine whether you’re getting good returns. You can use the information to change your strategies or improve them to get better ROI.


Adopting text messaging marketing doesn’t mean you have to let go of your other marketing strategies. SMS systems can be integrated into other systems, and it will still function optimally. Whether you want a standalone system or integrated system, SMS platforms will help you out.


Text messaging platforms allow you to set your brand apart by using shortcodes that will resonate with your targeted customers. You can find ways to personalize the messages you send to forge a better connection with your customers.


SMS marketing is more effective because it gives you immediate results. There are several SMS systems you can choose from depending … Read the rest