How Healthcare Recruiters work

When a doctor, nurse, therapist, or other caregiver leaves a hospital, clinic, or another healthcare setting, the staff has to find a replacement. Healthcare recruitment is challenging and time-consuming because of the specialized skills that these professionals need.

Recruiting healthcare professionals can seem daunting because of the limits on advertising opportunities and how to best assess candidates for employment.

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals must follow a code of ethics when they work with new patients. They must make all communications confidential, even if the message is very bad news. Caregivers must also maintain patient privacy by not discussing the patient with anyone else, even if they are family members or close friends.

Healthcare Staffing and Recruiting Process

A typical healthcare recruiting process requires that recruiters advertise the open position in their local community and on company websites. They will ask for resumes from interested applicants and review each resume in detail.

Some of the applicants have possible experience in the field, while others may have qualifications that are good enough to warrant training. The recruiters may interview a large portion of the applicants to see who is qualified right now, and who is a better fit to work with in-house training programs or other methods.

Once the pool of qualified candidates has been narrowed, recruiters must review the job offers so that they don’t waste the time of any good healthcare workers. They will see if the salaries are acceptable if benefits are offered and if there is a chance for advancement.

The best way to recruit high-quality providers is to offer competitive pay and a good benefits package. These important qualities will help the company attract and retain quality clinicians.

Why Recruiters are Involved in Healthcare Staffing Process

There are the human resources people who do the interviews and get the resumes, but there is a team that solves the problems related to finding clinicians. The key to getting top-quality providers is having good relationships with potential employees, which means that recruiters need to stay informed about what’s happening in healthcare.

Recruiters must stay current with trends in healthcare to help their companies thrive by hiring knowledgeable professionals with specialized skills. They must also stay informed about what factors affect patient safety, and make sure that their quality measures reflect the latest healthcare research.


At per diem staffing companies, recruiters are the workers who are on … Read the rest

What To Do When Facing an IRS Tax Audit in California

Taxpayers ( individuals and businesses) that have fudged the numbers on their income tax returns are likely to be selected by the IRS for a tax audit ( either a correspondence audit or an in-person field audit or office audit). Most IRS audits are due to automatic Discriminant Function System ( DIF) scoring, which essentially refers to a discrepancy between a taxpayer’s return and statistically similar returns in the same industry. If your return is flagged by the IRS, you may receive notice that an IRS examiner wants to further investigate the matter. The IRS almost always sends the notification of a tax audit through the mail, requesting that you provide specific documents that substantiate your income, credits, and deductions.

If you live in California and you’re facing an IRS tax audit, you should know that you’re at risk not only for tax penalties and interest but also for criminal tax prosecution. No IRS audit should be taken lightly which is why it’s in your best interest to retain as soon as possible a skilled and CPA trained tax audit attorney at a reputable tax law firm such as Dallo Law Group that handles exclusively cases involving tax disputes with the IRS and other taxing agencies. A savvy and experienced California tax audit lawyer will help you navigate the situation from start to finish and properly substantiate all your income, deductions, and credits.

Keep in mind that taxpayers under an IRS tax audit have little credibility, so arguing that your filing mistakes were not intentional is not a good idea. Likewise, sitting down with the IRS agent is not prudent because the agent may use various tactics to obtain criminal admissions from your statements and conduct. When you know that you fudged the numbers on your tax returns but you have a skilled tax audit defense lawyer to represent you before the IRS, you can rest assured that they will protect you against potential criminal tax prosecution due to evidence of tax fraud. Even $10,000 of income that you failed to report can result in a referral to an IRS tax fraud specialist who may pass your case to the IRS criminal investigation department.

If you’re facing an IRS tax audit in California and you want to discuss your case with a skilled and reputable tax audit attorney who is also CPA trained, do not hesitate to get in touch … Read the rest

What to Look For In a Dog Boarding Facility

For most dog owners, finding a trusted dog boarding facility becomes a necessity in various situations such as when they or their family members have a medical emergency, when they have major home repairs, when they need to travel, while they move, etc. For some dog parents, dog boarding is also a great way to pamper their beloved family member/s. This is especially true when they choose a reliable luxury dog boarding facility such as Puparazzi LA, (located in Los Angeles, CA) where dogs are treated like celebs and the staff goes above and beyond to make sure pups are not only completely safe but also have a pawesome time while their parents are away.

It’s always a good idea to visit at least a couple of dog boarding facilities before booking your pup in, but doing proper research online will also pay off. Some of the first things you should look for are whether the facility is licensed, insured, and certified to look after your pup and has access to a local vet 24/7, just in case your dog may need immediate medical care. Dog parents who want to make sure they choose the best dog boarding facility in LA should first take into consideration the dog boarding suites offered for living and sleeping accommodation, as well as the indoor and outdoor play area ( is it clean, safe and spacious?) and whether the facility asks you to fill a pup fact file to learn about your dog’s temperament and personality.

Likewise, you should consider the facility’s policy on dealing with separation anxiety and stress, the different types of services provided and activities your dog will enjoy, and whether the facility has a pup cam system that is live streaming for your peace of mind, among others. For instance, the premier dog resort & spa Puparazzi LA offers competitively-priced and spacious master suites, luxe suites, and premium suites for you to choose from. The facility’s caring, fully trained, and experienced staff provides 5-star treatment for your pup’s ultimate comfort, enjoyment, and safety, and a login for live stream video so you can see your dog anytime.

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Why You Need A Real Estate Investor To Build Wealth

Unlike real estate agents, real estate investors are accredited investors.

An accredited investor is someone who has figured out a way to earn a lot of money or build a high net worth. Not only that, but these people also invest in private offerings that carry a lot more risk than open market stocks or securities.

These professionals can invest in deals that non-accredited investors cannot. For example, real estate funds specialized in developing Kona estates at Opihihale like Invest In Kona. (Invest In Kona also accepts active real estate investors, but most real estate funds do not.)

The question is: can you become a millionaire without relying on such a professional investor? The answer is yes, you might. But why would you go through the pain and the hassle when they could build your wealth faster and without any worry?

Why Get An Accredited Investor To Build Your Wealth

The big thing with real estate is most people out there have money but do not have the time or the means to put the effort necessary to build wealth. In fact, most people choose to work at a regular job, making good money. But they do not spend or have time to learn how to invest their savings.

Real estate investors spend their time networking with people who buy, build, and/or sell properties. So, they do partnerships all the time for almost every deal. They may decide to flip a unit or rent it out when it is most convenient.

Owning property means you need to:

  • finance it properly
  • make sure you have positive cash flow as you own it
  • manage a portfolio to make you wealthy over time
  • renovate some buildings to make them sustainable for the long term
  • start somewhere, flipping some properties so you can get chunks of cash

While working a nine-to-five job, it could be hard to do all that and still have a good life. This is when the accredited investor jumps in.

How A Real Estate Investor Works

Let’s say the accredited investors decide to partner up with Invest In Kona. The real estate investor may go for a simple ohana. But because another partner is involved, they might plan how to collect or make new buildings that generate a profit.

All the work they do help other citizens find a home or the perfect site for their office. All the while, … Read the rest

How To Make Sure You Are Buying Quality CBDs That Work

Selecting the right hemp CBD products for your everyday wellness needs doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. It’s important to know what to look for when shopping around for CBD oil, whether you prefer to buy your CBDs online or in-store. Here are some key factors you should take into consideration in order to find quality CBDs that deliver the results you expect, not a mere placebo benefit.

Independent Lab Testing

This is a crucial factor, so make sure you are buying only CBD oil supplements that are third-party lab tested for everything, including the product’s cannabinoid profile and THC levels, microbial growth, pesticides, heavy metals, and more. The results of these comprehensive tests for safety, purity, and effectiveness are accessible to everyone who wants to read them online when you choose to buy CBDs from a trusted, U.S. Hemp Authority-certified CBD brand like Vitagenne, that adheres to the hemp industry standards.

THC-Free CBD Oil Supplements

A safe CBD product is one with no detectable traces of the cannabinoid THC ( i.e. THC-free), as shown by the test results ( less than 0.3% THC). This is the only cannabinoid in the hemp plant with psychoactive effects, so make sure to buy only THC-free CBD products. The level of THC is also what differentiates hemp from marijuana ( the latter contains more than 0.3% THC).

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Formulas

These supplements deliver the synergistic effects of all 100+ cannabinoids minus THC, as well as other naturally occurring and beneficial compounds in the hemp plant such as terpenes, flavonoids, and more. These compounds work synergically to enhance the effects of the main cannabinoid CBD.

US-Grown Hemp

With hemp grown overseas, the risk of contamination with different toxic chemicals in the soil such as heavy metals, nitrates, pesticides, solvents, etc. is considerably higher. Make sure to buy CBDs based on pure hemp oil extracted from phytocannabinoid-rich hemp grown at hemp farms in the US.

If you’re ready to embark on your much-anticipated CBD journey and start using the finest quality, pure and safe, THC-free full-spectrum CBD oil supplements for your wellness’ sake, be sure to check out Vitagenne’s impressive selection of hemp CBDs that also smell great ( no hemp smell) and taste great. You can conveniently order the right CBDs for you and your family online, directly from, at the best prices in the marketplace, while benefitting from free shipping on … Read the rest

What You Should Look For In Body Jewelry

Jewelry of any kind has become so globalized at this point. You have the low-priced wholesale jewelry that is becoming increasingly more popular. The question is: How can you find high-quality body jewelry from a place that is a little more discerning from the rest?

That answer to the question is more than just doing a simple Google search on where to buy body jewelry, and then click “submit”. You have to show a little discretion when trying to find high-quality body jewelry.

1. Is It Pre-Sterilized?

A high-quality shop is going to have jewelry and instruments(if you are getting a piercing) already sterilized and ready to use.

The jewelry needs to be clean, especially when you decide to get the piercing first and buy the body jewelry later. The skin needs time to heal if you are going to put something inside. That goes for people who have already had the piercing too.

High-quality body jewelry is not going to harm or infect the person once it is in. That is the difference between high and low-quality jewelry. It is similar to buying a necklace(that you think is genuine) and come to find that it leaves you with nothing but green spots on your neck.

Non-sterilized body jewelry is a red flag that you should look elsewhere. It is the same as not going to bed with a guy who has crabs and you do not have protection(FYI: We do not recommend you do that-Hashtag: Just Saying-LOL). Someone is going to get hurt. The same goes for those who want to buy online. Send the link over to a jewelry expert who can advise you on what to do(or not to do).

2. The Implant-Grade Exception

Implant testing means that the jewelry has been tested in another person’s body and has passed. The grading also has been high-quality for a period. Lower-quality jewelry is not tested. They just place it on the market hoping that no one is going to know.

Implant-grade testing will also reduce the irritation and allergic reactions the skin sometimes gives off. Remember that green spot on your neck that I mentioned before? That is an allergic reaction. That is a sign that something is wrong.

3. Using Nickel

Do you know that nickel allergies are quite common in many people? Nickel has toxicity that makes people allergic, and sometimes sick. Many countries(through … Read the rest