How To Deal With Dental Emergencies?

Everyone is susceptible to accidents. Nonetheless, how to deal with them after could determine whether you lose a tooth or save it. All dental emergencies will require you to visit a dentist right away. is here to help you through any dental emergencies. Below are a couple of common dental emergencies and how you could deal with them.

When you knock out your tooth

Keep the tooth moist. For example, try positioning it back in your socket, but avoid touching the root. If that is impossible, put tooth in milk or between your gums and cheek. There is also the option of using a teeth preservation product which is ADA approved (has an ADA seal of acceptance). After, get to the dentist immediately.

When you crack your tooth

Rinse mouth using warm clean water – it cleans the area. Put a cold compress on your face to help keep the swelling down. Then see your dentist right away.

When you bite your lip or tongue

Clean the area gently using water. Then apply a cold compress. If you are in a lot of pain or the bleeding is excessive or won’t stop, see your dentist immediately or go to the emergency room.

When you are having a toothache

Rinse mouth using warm water to clean the area. Use dental floss gently to remove any food that could be caught between your teeth. Don’t put aspirin on your gums or aching tooth, it could burn your gum tissue. In case the pain persists and is excessive, contact your dentist.

When you believe you have broken your jaw

Apply a cold compress, it will help control any swelling. Go to the dentist or hospital emergency right away.

How can you avoid dental emergencies?

A few simple precautions can help you avoid injury or accidents to your teeth. Let’s take a look at them below.

When participating in recreational activities or sports, wear a mouthguard.

Avoid chewing ice or hard foodstuffs like hard candy or popcorn kernels. They can crack teeth.

When you want to cut things, it is advisable to use scissors, never your teeth. You can easily crack your tooth when biting into something hard.

As mentioned earlier, when you have a dental emergency, it is better to go to the dentist right away. Your dentist can access the extent of the damage correctly and treat it accordingly. At, we … Read the rest

Can You Trust Payment Apps?

Payment apps have revolutionized business. Today, every store seems to offer an unlimited set of payment options for their customers, which can be overwhelming at times. Want to buy a quick cup of coffee? You could wave your watch at it, scan your smartphone, pull out your credit card, or just grab it and run away into the night, cackling and screaming (note: Don’t actually do that).

Even so, some customers have reasonable concerns about how payment apps operate, and those concerns matter to businesses. Should you request a customer’s phone number, or will that scare them away? What about email addresses? Do you really need their blood type and social security number? And what happens when the internet drops out mid-transaction? Does the whole thing just blow up?

The good news is that payment apps are, in fact, secure and reliable. They don’t pose any special threat to users’ privacy, nor are they too reliant on the internet. When properly implemented, they make shopping (and selling) more convenient. Here’s why.

The Miracle of Two-Factor Authorization

Apps like the Payanywhere payment app utilize two-factor authorization, which is substantially more secure than single-factor options. Two-factor systems rely on multiple authorization tokens from the user; basically, the user doesn’t just enter a password but also acknowledges their identity via phone, email, or some other “token” that verifies their identity.

The Payanywhere payment app uses SMS tokens, which are convenient for business owners and employees. You’re assured that an authorized person is using the app on the business end. Consumers get the same type of benefit, as they’re required to associate their payment methods with an email address or simply by using their card (a CHIP card, by the way, is another form of multi-factor authorization).

Even when customers use smartphone-based payment methods, they benefit from multi-factor authorization. Payment apps are just as secure as a traditional credit card machine, they simply process transactions using the internet.

What Happens When The Internet Goes Out?

Modern payment apps allow businesses to handle transactions even when internet access is spotty. Here’s how they do it: They…wait for internet access, then process the transaction normally. Huh, that’s not that complicated.

That means that businesses can rely on their apps, even when they’re handling transactions on the road (think food trucks) or in other situations where consistent internet access isn’t feasible (think cave-diving tours). That also applies … Read the rest

Invisalign For a Clearer Smile El Paso

Braces are an important step in cosmetic dentistry. When one thinks about bracers, they may picture a child with hard metal through their mouths. Sometimes, it is hard to understand what they are saying or can be kind of awkward to communicate. Invisalign is a type of clear braces that takes the embarrassment out of their clucky counterparts. Our customers are important and leave our office with confidence.

What are braces for?

Some people might envision that braces are only for children. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, as we get older our teeth and jaw may become misaligned. This could happen from an accident or aging. Braces can fix your pearly whites for that picture-perfect smile. Some of the issues that this treatment helps with are overbites, crowded or crooked teeth, and joint problems in the jaw. When children begin getting their adult teeth, some may breakthrough at an angle. This can cause other medical issues as well as difficulty eating. 

Invisalign Clear Braces

Invisalign is a clear and removable alternative to the inconvenient metal braces. The process is simple and painless. Your dentist will take a virtual scan of your teeth. Then the manufacturer will print your new Invisalign braces to match your teeth scan. This process may take a couple of weeks. When you pick up your Invisalign, we will make sure the fit is impeccable.

Your dentist will recommend you wear the braces all the time except during meals and drinking. After you eat; brush and floss like normal, then put them back in. You will never have food particles or difficultly flossing with this method. This type of treatment allows you to continue your favorite activities without any issues. You can swim, bike, or play tennis flawlessly. Your conversations will be crisp and clear. No one will even know you are wearing the Invisalign. Excellent for children as well as adults.

At Sol Dental we strive at making each customer feel at home. Our professional and friendly staff can walk you through the steps on your journey to a better you. You can call our office at (915) 599-9192 on the Eastside or Lower Valley at (915) 872-8118. View our website at to make an appointment online! We are eagerly awaiting to assist you.… Read the rest

Healthy meals for 2020

Here you go, another year staring into the abyss that is healthy eating and wondering just how so many others are doing it so well. Sure, you’ve tried before but didn’t make it past the fresh seaweed dish that somehow tasted like blandness with a side of yuck. Luckily, we know some great ways to get started and maintain a healthy diet without sacrificing flavor.

Give Your Favorite Fast Food Meals A Healthy Makeover

Healthy eating and fast food don’t necessarily go hand in hand. When it comes to your favorite menu options, there’s a good chance that calories alone are mind-boggling. While most major restaurants offer substitutions, they are a far cry from healthy choices. Plus, who wants apple slices with a hamburger? Your best option to recreate what you love about fast food at home. Not only are there plenty of easy to make copycat recipes out there, but most also find ways to cut down on fat, sodium, and calories.

One form of copycats is turning the traditional recipes into new, less boring alternatives. Easy egg muffin cups recipe is just one example of the rising number of healthy additions. Instead of the usual muffin sandwich, this option brings together all of the flavors in a quick, easy, and simple meal. The Easy egg muffin cups recipe is far from the last new selection to treat the palette. We’re talking about breakfast, lunch, and dinner this time.

Another choice in the realm of copycats is the theme park fare. One of the most beloved choices are turkey legs, but that doesn’t have to stop you from an at-home turkey treat. An instant pot turkey breast recipe offers much of the same flavor. For those worried about calories and fats, this also reduces both. Another great feature of the instant pot turkey breast is its cost-effectiveness.


Let’s face it, snacks are the problem for anyone trying to eat well. As much as you, or anyone else, tries to choose nutritious meals, the battle for health is won or lost at snack time. Healthy snacks for weight loss have become a million-dollar market for companies. What they don’t want you to know is the wide range of choices you can fix up and have ready.

Think trail mixes as a start. They are easy to make and keep for much longer than other options in this category. Another … Read the rest