What to Look For In a Dog Boarding Facility

For most dog owners, finding a trusted dog boarding facility becomes a necessity in various situations such as when they or their family members have a medical emergency, when they have major home repairs, when they need to travel, while they move, etc. For some dog parents, dog boarding is also a great way to pamper their beloved family member/s. This is especially true when they choose a reliable luxury dog boarding facility such as Puparazzi LA, (located in Los Angeles, CA) where dogs are treated like celebs and the staff goes above and beyond to make sure pups are not only completely safe but also have a pawesome time while their parents are away.

It’s always a good idea to visit at least a couple of dog boarding facilities before booking your pup in, but doing proper research online will also pay off. Some of the first things you should look for are whether the facility is licensed, insured, and certified to look after your pup and has access to a local vet 24/7, just in case your dog may need immediate medical care. Dog parents who want to make sure they choose the best dog boarding facility in LA should first take into consideration the dog boarding suites offered for living and sleeping accommodation, as well as the indoor and outdoor play area ( is it clean, safe and spacious?) and whether the facility asks you to fill a pup fact file to learn about your dog’s temperament and personality.

Likewise, you should consider the facility’s policy on dealing with separation anxiety and stress, the different types of services provided and activities your dog will enjoy, and whether the facility has a pup cam system that is live streaming for your peace of mind, among others. For instance, the premier dog resort & spa Puparazzi LA offers competitively-priced and spacious master suites, luxe suites, and premium suites for you to choose from. The facility’s caring, fully trained, and experienced staff provides 5-star treatment for your pup’s ultimate comfort, enjoyment, and safety, and a login for live stream video so you can see your dog anytime.

if you live in Los Angeles or surrounding areas and you’re looking for a top-rated, full-service luxury dog boarding and daycare facility, feel free to visit Puparazzi LA pet resort & spa, check out its website puparazzila.com to learn more about the variety of services provided, or contact the facility via the online contact form or by phone at 424-325-3151 if you want to book your pup in.